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Story :

Kabir Singh a promising surgeon who has been brought to the brink of ruin in a drunken state. The story goes into a flashback, not being able to overcome anger, being a topper as well as a champion of football, but being angry is not possible for one’s head or arms. Its breakdown is common. He is a college dropout who changes his life forever. She sees a 19-year-old innocent, beautiful and simple girl like Preeti Sikka (Kiara Advani) on the college campus.

At first sight, Pyaar has such an impact on the domineering Kabir that he declares throughout the college that Preeti belongs to him and will tear the eyes of the beholder by raising his eyes. Now in the hostel of Kabir Medical College, Preeti’s shadow becomes a surgeon herself and helps her to help Preity become a doctor. But then the situation is such that Preity is married elsewhere due to pressure from conservative family and Kabir’s anger.

Kabir Singh movie download

Kabir Singh

The viewer takes some time to show Shahid as Kabir, hyper-protective, ultra-obsessive, violent, drunk and addicted to sex, but then the character’s honesty and love fade. Makes you closer to him. The 3-hour period takes a little longer. In some places, the film also feels heavy, but the subtle characters make the atmosphere lighter.

As Kabir Singh, if it is call the outstanding performance of Shahid Kapoor’s career, it will not be wrong. He lived the character with all his heart and continued to cherish him as an actor. Shahid has memorized such complex characters in the past, but this time he has made his character crazy. The role of Soham Majumdar as a Shiva-turned-friend in the film is notable. The ease and simplicity with which they play the part of friendship in the story is captivating as well as entertaining. Arjan Bajwa, Suresh Oberoi and Nikita Dutta have done justice to their roles. It is pleasant to see senior actress Kamini Kaushal as a grandmother…… 


  Movie Name: Kabir Singh

  Movie Rating: 8.1 / 10

  Release Date: 14 February 2019

  Director: sandeep reddy

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  review :

Talking about the film Kabir Singh, it is not bad, but Arjun Reddy’s complete comeback has been completed. Meaning dialog is also the boss. Kabir is very good in studies, topped every field, even the captain of the college football team. But Kabir has the same problem, he gets very angry. 

Then one day Preeti comes into Kabir’s life, who is one of the first year college students. Seeing the simplicity of Preity, Kabir falls in love with her, but later the two split up and then Kabir’s story is on the path of ruin. Now Kabir drinks alcohol day and night, does everything from cannabis to cocaine and is working as a surgeon in the hospital. Preity does not leave her mind. It is not his nature to think of someone else…..

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