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What is the story of this film(Drive), it is good if you do not know. I did not understand why there was a needs to make a new film on such a complicated and clichéd-PT story. Sushant Singh Rajput plays a mysterious boy whose name has not been mention in the entire film. Yes, he is definitely called Mr. Sharma at the end of the film.What I understood is that Tara, the character of Jacqueline Fernandes, is a thief who is fond of racing.

Sushant and Jacqueline plan a big theft plan together with these two friends, who knows what to do? * Drum Rolls * In Rashtrapati Bhavan!. Tara (Jacqueline) has two friends, Bikki (Vikramjit Virk) and Naina (Sapna Pabbi), who are quite fraudulent people.

Yes, the extra theft of these two thieves is going to happen in Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi, where a corrupt officer has hidden his crores of black money. Sushant-Jacqueline wants to steal that money. The story of the film was patchy, as well as its treatment was worse than that.

From racing to stealing a thief and leaving a clue for other thefts, we have seen things from Hollywood to Bollywood. The attempt to copy Fast and Furious was good, but the makers who have fallen on their faces were also amazing.Not only this, seeing this film, you will also remember all those films in which you have seen the story of such racing and theft.

If you have seen Dhoom 2, you will remember that Hrithik Roshan’s style of stealing in that film was completely different. With this, he used to leave his sign with every theft, just the same sequence has been copy-pasted here, …..

Rating: 3.0 / 10

Release Date: 1 November 2019

Star Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput,Jacqueline Fernandez, Vikramjeet Virk

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Tarun Mansukhani


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Karan Johar’s charisma has been speaking to the audience of Hindi cinema till a few years ago. If there is a big celebration of cinema or if the faces of the cinema have to be shown in a political show, then they reach as the brand ambassador of Hindi cinema. On the other hand, Netflix needs fertilizer to establish its roots in India. Filmmakers like Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap are providing that.

Netflix’s one-month bill comes to Rs 649. Viewers expect Netflix to show some good Hindi content instead. But, what he finds as a consumer is Bard of Blood, Sacred Games 2 and now Drive. OK, if Karan Johar’s name gets added to the list of Netflix makers, his profile looks good but what is the fault of the audience? The film Karan Johar did not even think was worth releasing in theaters, Netflix has served the Indian audience. Manure dung can never be a dish, Netflix should understand this.

Drive is a film that wasted no time on Saturday or Sunday, wasting no more than an hour and 59 minutes. Sajjan Karan Johar has already given much to his fans by making films like Kalank and Student of the Year 2 this year. Kesari also turned out to be an average film. But, they should care about their Dharma Productions brand.
Film drive is the stigma of Sushant Singh Rajput’s career. Chor Macha Shor and Victoria no. 70 on such stories. Classic films like 203 have been made. But, drive? There is no class in it. Not even a catal class. Jugaad dyes are colored carts. Has poor visual graphics. There is a forced acting and there are songs that tell how people are ruling the Hindi cinema?

The story is like a mouse cat game. There are gangs of thieves. The cars race and Jacqueline’s inane performance. Making films on the subject of looting the Rashtrapati Bhavan is a recent example of the mindless bankruptcy of Hindi cinema. And, Netflix? What has happened to its creative team? The weekend that Prime Video is releasing the second season of Jack Ryan, such a lousy film on that weekend? Viewers do not watch Netflix for free……

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